The Different Important Things that You Should Know About Radon Testing


Radon is known to be an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas which is considered as the second leading cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoke and this is the number one leading cause of such lung cancer among those non-smokers. The facts would highlight why it is very important that you frequently test the house for radon. You may purchase at-home radon test kit so that you can perform radon testing on your own but when you are going to buy or sell the house, you need to consider getting a professional to come in and do the radon testing for you. With that, you know the results will not be biased and for you not to worry about anything regarding the results getting skewed.

When you would perform the test all by yourself, there are actually two types that you can choose from and they are long-term and short-term. You may find such radon testing kit at those home improvement stores, the state government or the online stores. Depending on the state where you live in, some of the government agencies will have a discounted or free radon testing kits available and there are also some states which will have a list of contractors which you may call or contact in order to have professional radon testing performed.

Radon is caused by such naturally occurring radioactive gas which is released in the rock, water and soil and this is because of the natural decay of uranium. This would move through the ground and also into your home through those cracks and the fissures in the foundation of your home. This can also be found in the well water, that would release radon through water when you would shower or use water for other purposes.

When the house of your neighbor was tested for radon and would come back with low levels of gas, this won’t mean that you can assume that your house will have low levels too. The radon levels would differ from one house to another and there are various factors that would go into how much radon is inside your house. The radon is found everywhere. When you have discovered that there is a radon level in your house, then you must have that radon mitigation system installed. It is very important that you take heed of this so that you can stay safe.