Why You Should Not Ignore the Dangers of Radon

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Soil and rocks contain many elements including uranium, an element you surely know about. When uranium breaks up gas known as Radon is released. Radon is tasteless and colorless, but radioactive.  However, in open space it is practically harmless because it is easily diluted by many other elements.

The lifespan of radon gas is, luckily for people, short.  Only 3.8 days. But in the process of decay, it produces other elements called radon progeny that are also radioactive.   These elements are solid and cling to surfaces.  If the gas and dust with radon progeny are inhaled it can cause cancer. In fact, according to research, it is the second cause of lung cancer, with smoking being the first.  It is, however, the leading cause of lung among non-smokers.

If your home is surrounded by tracks of land, there is a great possibility that your home contains radon. You should have it tested for radon gas and radon progeny. Basements and other confined areas of your home should be thoroughly tested.

It is easy to conduct a radon test. You can actually do it yourself. You only need to buy radon test kit. There are several brands in the market. They come with how to use instructions as well as what level is safe and what is not, so you should not have any problems. If the test shows results signifying dangerous levels of radon inside your home, radon reduction systems are also available.  Of course, you may not have the time to perform the test yourself or you are not confident you will do it right. That is not a problem. There are companies that can do it for you including the reduction of radon testing levels.

Many homeowners conduct radon testing not only to safeguard the health of their families.  They also do it if they are selling their home. Aware of the dangers that the presence of radon poses to health, many potential buyers demand radon testing. Naturally, they do not want to buy a home that is not entirely safe.

Radon gas is a natural product of uranium break up in rocks and soil.  Outdoors the gas is harmless, but inside your home where high concentrations of it can develop because of the confined space, it poses serious dangers to your and family’s health. You should Take Action on Radon contamination.


Radon Testing and Mitigation


Radon gas is produced by the decaying process of natural elements such as soil and rocks which contains Uranium. Many people are aware the adverse effects attributed to inhaling radon gas for an extended period. For example, radon gas is attributed to causing lung cancer. The major problem is that radon gas is tasteless, odorless and colorless meaning they may be breathing it in your house without your knowledge. Therefore it is essential to know the best radon testing kit and also how to mitigate the radon gas.

Radon test kits are devices designed to measure the level of radon gas in your home and office space. The radon kit comes with a scale indicating the levels of radon gas present in a given area location. The best radon kits come with a reasonably easy to read scale and a manual that will describe with levels of radon gas concentration are dangerous to you.

When shopping for radon test kit, it is essential you research on how long it takes to deliver the results. This is because different radon test kits will take different time intervals to give the results on the radon gas levels in a home or office space. The best radon test kit should give the results within the least possible amount of time so that you can take action quickly.

The best radon test kits are very accurate as a minor deviation from the actual level of radon gas can be dangerous. Especially if the radon kit indicates that you are below the safe level with a single point on the scale. It is therefore essential you research on the accuracy levels of various radon mitigation test kits on the market and buys the one that is 100% accurate.

Once you discover that your home or office space has very high levels of radon gas. It is essential you contact a professional to advise you and offer radon mitigation services. In many instances, the sellers of the radon test kits work together with professional in radon mitigation and therefore will guide you to the person or company to contact. It is very important that radon mitigation measures are implemented as soon as possible to minimize the risk of having an adverse effect due to inhaling radon ga

Part of radon mitigation plan involves regular testing of the radon gas level so that you are safe.

The Different Important Things that You Should Know About Radon Testing


Radon is known to be an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas which is considered as the second leading cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoke and this is the number one leading cause of such lung cancer among those non-smokers. The facts would highlight why it is very important that you frequently test the house for radon. You may purchase at-home radon test kit so that you can perform radon testing on your own but when you are going to buy or sell the house, you need to consider getting a professional to come in and do the radon testing for you. With that, you know the results will not be biased and for you not to worry about anything regarding the results getting skewed.

When you would perform the test all by yourself, there are actually two types that you can choose from and they are long-term and short-term. You may find such radon testing kit at those home improvement stores, the state government or the online stores. Depending on the state where you live in, some of the government agencies will have a discounted or free radon testing kits available and there are also some states which will have a list of contractors which you may call or contact in order to have professional radon testing performed.

Radon is caused by such naturally occurring radioactive gas which is released in the rock, water and soil and this is because of the natural decay of uranium. This would move through the ground and also into your home through those cracks and the fissures in the foundation of your home. This can also be found in the well water, that would release radon through water when you would shower or use water for other purposes.

When the house of your neighbor was tested for radon and would come back with low levels of gas, this won’t mean that you can assume that your house will have low levels too. The radon levels would differ from one house to another and there are various factors that would go into how much radon is inside your house. The radon is found everywhere. When you have discovered that there is a radon level in your house, then you must have that radon mitigation system installed. It is very important that you take heed of this so that you can stay safe.